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The Marshall-St. Mary’s Marathon routinely requires an excess of 200 volunteers so we need every single person who is willing to help. We will try to place you in the position that you have expressed an interest in but due to need we may not always be able to honor your request. Thank you for your willingness to help.

Pump Up Platoon

The MUM runners love crowd support! Let's cheer them on with a chance to win your organization some cash too! Local groups (think sports teams, troops, school groups) can choose to be an MUM Pump-Up Platoon. Your platoon will be assigned a course location. The goal is to bring extra enthusiasm to the quieter parts of the MUM course. Runners will vote on their favorite group. Top vote getter will receive $300 for their organization. Second place will receive $100. You can be at your location as long or as short as you want, but longer you're there, the more runners you'll see to vote for you. You can make signs, wear costumes, have music or noise makers.. anything to stand out and cheer on the MUM runners!


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