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The Race HERD 'Round The World

Virtual 5k, 13.1, & 26.2

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Lace 'em up.



In the month of November.

A virtual event will give you something to train for, something to work towards. And this one won't disappoint!


-You sign up.

-You train.

-You print your bib number.

-You run the distance in November.

-You submit your time.

-You receive your swag in the mail.


Questions and Answers

Thanks so much for reading through these before sending an email.

1. When do I have to run the distance?

     -The distance should be run or walked during the month of November.

2. Can I split it up into different days?

     -We prefer you go the distance at one time, but we encourage fitness of all levels, so if multiple days is the only way for you to complete the distance.. go for it! If you do multiple days, we ask that you not submit an official time in the results.

3. Will there be awards?

     -Nope. We will have submitted results posted, but there will not be awards.

4. How do I submit my results? 

     -Two options. You can log in to your Run Sign Up account, go to this race, and click 'Submit My Result', or you can email with your distance run and time. You will receive a confirmation email once results are posted. If you don't, something went wrong. 

5. What are my apparel item options as a half marathoner?

     -Half marathoners can choose between a standard crew neck shirt or a v-neck shirt. Both options are unisex sized tri-blend shirts. This means they only have 25% cotton. They're cozy soft, but also have technical properties to wick moisture away. Half marathoners can opt to upgrade to a premium apparel item, a hoodie or a women's specific cowl neck pullover.

6. What are my apparel options as a marathoner?

     -Marathoners have their choice of long sleeve options. First, a comfy hooded sweatshirt. Or, a women's cut cowl neck pullover (it has thumb holes!). 

7. Where does the event happen?

     -Wherever you want! Whenever you want! We just ask that you go the designated distance. You could do it on a treadmill (yikes), trails, roads, 2am, 10pm.. whatever suits your fancy. 

8. When should I expect to receive my swag bag?

     -You'll receive your items in December once the virtual event has ended. 

9. Can I qualify for the Boston Marathon with this event?

     -No, sorry. As we are on the honor system and running different courses we will not be submitting results to Boston.

10. When can I register?

     -Registration opens Monday, October 12th at 12pm EST.

     -Registration closes on Sunday, November 15th at 11:59pm EST.

11. Why are there digital bib numbers?

     -There is something special about pinning a number on your clothes to make race day feel like race day. We encourage this same feeling even if you're not toeing the line outside 'The Joan' with 2000 of your closest friends. So print off a bib number, pin it to your shirt, and run the Race HERD 'Round The World.

12. Is there an age minimum?

     -No, but we do not recommend trying this event at any age if you have not trained for it.

13. I'm registered for the 2020 MUM, does that count towards this?

     -No. The Race HERD 'Round the World is a separate Healthy Tri-State event. If you're registered for the 2020 MUM you have the option to defer to 2021 or receive a refund less sign up fees.

14. Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

    -For this event there are no refunds, deferrals, or bib transfers.

17. Do you have any discount codes available?

     -If you live locally and would like to pick up your swag bag at Robert's Running Shop in Huntington, WV, use the code PICKUP20 to remove the $4 shipping fee. You will be notified via email when the bags are ready to pick up.

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