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VIR stands for Very Important Runner. We understand that race day can be very hectic especially when traveling to a strange city so in order to make your experience more pleasurable in the MUM we have established the VIR option.
The VIR option is limited to fifty runners.
For a fee of $30, we will organize your bib number, t-shirt/jacket, goodie bag and have them available for you on the morning of the MUM. You will also receive a front row parking spot less than 100 feet from the start and finish lines.
Without VIR, there is BIB PICKUP ONLY on race morning. 
Contact to get your name on the VIR list, then
Mail $30 check to:
Healthy Tri-State
P.O. Box 6544, Huntington, WV 25772
Or Venmo @marshallmarathon

Very Important Runner

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